August 4, 2008
$.32 Stamps. Princess Diana. Kosovo. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman!" Titanic. Last Seinfeld. Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone. and $1.00 for gas. WHAT?!

These are just a few things that happened when I was a Senior in High School! Why am I bringing this up do you ask? Because, I just had my 10 Year Reunion! Yes 10 years...boy how the time flies!
It was a fun Reunion spent at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Downtown SL. I was on the Committee and we worked our little booties off to make the event a hit. I think it was, except for the small fact that people who said they were coming, didn't, therefore making the committee have to beg for donations so we could pay for the stinking thing! Oh well. I had such a blast seeing everyone who came, chatting and catching up. I didn't get to talk to everyone, because I was running around being a committee member, but I tried. I was getting all nostalgic as I watched groups of people reminisce about the good ol' days, and in my "just had a baby" emotional-ness I was getting a bit teary I have to confess. I tried to recall a memory with each person there, of course some are closer to the surface than others, which happens when everyone has a different "clique", but I tried just the same.
I though about my Glendale Girls, Freshman English in Mrs. Romney's class, Volleyball, lunch by the lockers (& POGS of all things), "current events" in Suzie's class, "Time Out For FUN". my Chevy Trailblazer, Seminary, Dances & Stomps, crushes, Drillteam practices, lunch on the south lawn, Biology with Mr Haines (& super Moroni), the Seminary building, Spirit Week, sluffing, "the Annex", my mitsubishi Galant with the LDS sticker on back, Babes in Arms, New York Acapella Trip, mistakes and teenage girly moments, Craigle's English class Senior Year, all the new friends I tried to meet before Graduating, and of course GRADUATION!
I hope everyone who went to the Reunion had just as much fun as I did. It was great to see everyone who came, and miss the ones who couldn't make it! Another 10 years and we'll do it all again!


Stuart and Sarah said...

Glad to hear you had a great time. Can't wait to see the pictures. Hope you got the info I left on your front porch about a 5K. Now you have excuse ;-)

Tiffany said...

Sounds great....wish I could have been there!

Kreg and Anna said...

I want to see pics!!!

Stuart and Sarah said...

I want to see your pictures!!! Send me the link