August 25, 2008

This paper cone is a tradition in Germany and marks the transition into first grade. Parents fill the cone with school supplies and treats and present the gifts to their children who take them on the first day of school. At the end of the school day the children get to open them and see what gifts they've received.
My Oma (Natalie's Omi) has a photo of the day she received her Shultute, and I love traditions, so I decided that I wanted Natalie to, not only have something fun for her first day of school, but also learn about this fun tradition that her German ancestors have done.
Natalie didn't take her Shultute to school with her, she opened it in the morning, as excited as any 6 year old would be to see a giant decorated cone waiting for her.
Whether a German girl in the 1930's or and American girl in the new millennium, what a fun way to bring two worlds and old traditions alive.


Jackman Clan said...

This is so cool! I love stuff like this, and it's awesome that you have the pic of your Oma!
My German ancestors came from Prussia/Ukraine so I don't know if they did this...I'll have to look into it.

Stuart and Sarah said...

That is so cool and I am all about traditions. You must show me how you are making these wonderful picture pages (they look like scrapbook pages) I LOVE THEM