Feb. 13, 2009

I got to be one of the lucky parents to go on a field trip with the 6-yes 6 first grade classes of Natalie's school. We went to the Hale Center Theatre and had a behind the scenes tour, which I thought was totally cool, because I am a Theatre Nerd, but for the 6 year olds...hmmm could've been a bit more exciting AND they didn't get to see even a tiny bit of a play. Oh well, Natalie did get to go down onto the stage with a few other students and "audition" that was pretty fun.

Now, I can't remember the last time I rode on a School bus, but I'm telling you, it hasn't been long enough. With the hot stinky children bodies, the exhaust, and the fact that it's the bumpy-est vehicle on the planet, not even Dramemene, or my Ginger Altoids could've saved me. BLAH! Can you imagine having to drive one of those things everyday? That is why Bus drivers rule, and I just stand at the bus stop waiving goodbye as they drive away!

Anyway, the field trip was fun and I got to eat lunch with Natalie back at the school, which was nice too. I feel lucky that I get to stay home (sort of) so I can go on field trips and go to school functions, it's pretty cool and it makes me wish I were that age again.

I'd like 3 Recesses a day!

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