Love is in the Air! Or is that Sam's diaper?

Okay who doesn't love Valentine's Day? I'm talking about Elementary School V-Day parties and such. When you decorated a fancy box with red and pink paper and a hundred hearts. Then went through your Valentine's picking out just the "right" one for your best friend, or the boy you kinda liked, or the boy you DID NOT like.
Ahhh, those were the days.
This year Natalie and I made a fun V-day box that looked like a Locker. It was made out of a shoebox with a hinge-type lid. I spray-painted it silver and drew the locker lines on it. We used buttons for the lock then Natalie made a pennant with her name on it and for the finishing touch...a hundred heart stickers of course (okay maybe not that many). It turned out cute and got filled with lots of Valentines!
Brandon and I stopped celebrating Valentine's Day ON the actual day years ago. We usually try to celebrate it the weekend before, but since it wasn't in the middle of the week this year we didn't really get to do anything. But that is okay because my early V-Day gift was finding out that we are going to Hawaii at the end of March! So I think I can deal with not going to dinner for this Valentine's Day, what do you think?