Journal Keeping: Writing for Spiritual Growth? LOL!

Wednesday Feb. 25, 2009

I had to speak in church on Sunday, The Topic: Blessings of the Temple. I actually felt that it was a good topic for me because I have very strong feelings about the Temple and I did years ago also...or so I thought. Yes I know you can feel a story coming.
So I thought I'd go through some of my journals because I "just knew" I had written some feelings about the Temple in one of them. Well, needless to say 6 journals, 2 days and a whole lot of laughing later, I came to the conclusion that only if it was REALLY important, did I write it in my journal.
Here are some things that were REALLY important.
-The first time Andy Larson talked to me in Jr. High.
-That huge "War of Words" at Brittany Hauge's 14th Birthday party.
-All the cute boys in Mrs. Romney's 9th grade English class.
-Getting my driver's license.
-Going to any school stomp, dance, or prom.
-BOYS, BOYS, BOYS-you kow who you are.
-That big "War of Words" on the South Lawn.
-Erik Russon-Yes-I had to bring him up!
-A capella (and the notorious NY trip).
-My job in ZCMI Fashion Jewelry.
-MEN, MEN, MEN-you know who you are.
-Missionaries-hey that's kind of close to the Temple.
-Going to THE BAY.
-All the guys at THE BAY.
Are we seeing a pattern with the things that were REALLY important in my life?

Anyway, I finally gave up, after I calmed my hysterics down, and decided to write my talk based off of what I could remember, since the journals were no help. Entertaining? Yes. Hilarious? Totally. Helpful? Um not so much.
The talk actually went well, except for the fact that I was supposed to talk for 10 minute and the guy after me had 15 minutes. Well, I took the 15 and he got 10. I honestly didn't think I had that much to say, but I felt really bad that he didn't get the amount of time he'd planned for. Ooops!
Maybe if I'd written more things about the Temple (or anything other than boys) in my journal, I wouldn't have taken up so much time.
I did have a pretty fun weekend reading those journal's, I have to admidt. It's so crazy how much you change over the years. How much you really "Grow Up". And it's amazing that even how disfunctional I was, I still managed to make it to the Temple, which is where all this got started in the first place!


Stuart and Sarah said...

Stu keeps getting us out of speaking. I don't know how much longer he can hold them off...great job on the talk, sounds like it was a good one!

Stuart and Sarah said...
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