Daddy Daughter Campout!

Q: What do most people do over Memorial Day Weekend?
A: They camp of course.
And in honor of campers everywhere Brandon and Natalie did some camping of their the back yard!

We set up the tent on Friday night and Brandon and Natalie hauled all of their gear out there and snuggled together only filling a tiny portion of the 6-8 man tent.
They watched Beauty and the Beast on the portable DVD player, until the battery died, then it was off to bed.
I stayed in the house with Sam this time, but when it comes to camping...I think I can handle sleeping in a tent in the back yard, it's close to the bathroom, there isn't too much stuff to haul, and my favorite...Access to Electricity.

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Keddington Chronicles said...

Cute!!!! Waht a fun memory!!!! We might have to do this at our house.