Friday May 15, 2009
Those are the words that frequent my mouth many times a day. And those are the only words I can come up with to describe BOYS!
Sam NEVER stops moving...and I HAVE to be losing some weight with all the chasing him around I'm doing. SHEESH!
These are some of the "places" we have found him.

He must've thought I meant THAT tub!

He really gets "into" cleaning out the drawers.

Yes, he has "BIN" busy.

And on occasion, he'll just climb up on the couch to watch T.V. 
(where he'll sit for a few minutes at least)

I never would've imagined that Sam would be so different from Natalie. I am trying to gear myself up NOW for the first trip to the ER, after he falls and breaks something. 
For all of you who are raising multiple boys...WOW! And to those who have RAISED multiple boys without either you killing them or vise-versa...I bow to you for you are the QUEEN.
I only have one, and I think he's enough!


Stuart and Sarah said...

He is a little mover isn't he? He is so cute!!

Katie said...

You are hilarious! But I have to say, Ella has broken her arm and she isn't even a boy. She sure is as active and "creative" though.