Sunday May 10, 2009
Yes Happy Mom's Day to one and all (if you are a Mom that is).

4 Generations

I feel pretty lucky, I got to celebrate Mother's Day early this year. Last Saturday my Oma, my Mom, Natalie and I all went to the Annual Poplar Grove Ward Mother's and Daughters Banquet. This thing has been going on since like 1949 or something and it is a HUGE deal. The women in the ward get together and just have a wonderful night for Moms and Daughters. When I was in YW's we did some of the funnest skits and had awesome themes, it was a blast. Anyway I had a nice Young Man (yes the YM get roped into helping out too) take our picture. Don't we all look so cute (well except Natalie's not smiling-hmmm)? She wasn't even grumpy. Sometimes I think she does it on purpose.
*  *  *  *  *

Now here comes the part where I tell you NOT to be jealous, and that I sometimes can be super crafty (if I read enough blogs where my friends have gone all gung-ho and made the cutest things). Anyway I decided that for Mother's Day I wanted to make my Mom and Mother-in-law Aprons. Why aprons? Well, my mom is ALWAYS feeding us on Sundays (and other times too) so she got the Kitchen Apron.

Cute Right? YES, that IS a pocket.

And My Mother-in-law is A-MAZING outdoors so she got the Garden Apron. 
Won't the neighbor ladies be jealous?

Both turned out so stinkin' cute, if I can totally brag for a moment. I think I might be on to something. The only problem...the lack of time I have for making these adorable little accessories. The only reason I had a moment this week was because my parents AND grandma were out of town so I had no one to watch Sam and didn't go to work. WOW it's crazy what you can get done when you are at home all day. OH, the dishes...hmmm well....I was going to do them. Hee hee.

(We've got TREK in a couple of months, maybe I'll use my apron-making skills again. I'll be the hippest pioneer woman out there)!


Jackman Clan said...

Super cute aprons!

Katie said...

Those are awesome! Good job. I want to make some.
So are you German? I have only heard someone call their Grandma Oma if they are German. I love it, I wish my Oma was still alive.

Donavan Family said...

Sorry I missed the annual event. I will catch you next year. How awesome to have that picture of your family. I have one with my grandma and Sydney is about 11 months old. Precious!