Let the Games Begin...

If it's completely crazy to be obsessed over books...send me to the nut house!

Here's another one:
So Stephenie Meyer recommended this book on her site a while back and I thought "Now everyone will want to read it, so I'm not going to." Well I finally decided to check it out from the library and got put on the waiting list. No big deal right? Hmmm how does 87th on the waiting list sound? Augh!
Anyway, last week I finally got my chance to check it out, which was perfect because this past weekend I went down to Vegas for Labor Day. I read the book in a day and then found out that there is a second book which barely came out on Sept. 1.
Well I HAD to keep reading and find out what happened to these characters I'd now grown to obsess over, so I broke down and bought the second book Catching Fire. I was definitely not disappointed...except when I realized about half way through the second book that there is a third book...that of course is not going to be out for a while. AHHH! I hate waiting for books!
I'm not going to talk about what this book is about because I didn't know ONE thing about it when I started reading, and I was able to really get into it.
I will say that The Hunger Games books have turned into the next Young Adult Fiction phenomenon, with talk of a movie and all of that, but I guess when you have not only teenagers obsessing over books, but their parents too, I guess you better strike while the Iron is hot.

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Stuart and Sarah said...

I didn't know you had not read this yet. Oh my gosh. LOVED IT.