September 26, 2009

Today is one of those weird days that is all about reflecting. Brandon is working, Natalie is over at a friends and Sam is sleeping and I...well I'm reflecting.
Reflecting on the last 30 years and thinking about so many different things. I didn't think that hitting 30 would be emotional but as I think back on the past and all of the different changes that I've gone through, it's starting to hit me that I'll never have that time back, and in a way it makes me a little sad.

I celebrated turning 30 with a fancy Roaring 20's party last night, and it was such a blast! We had lots of 20's and 30's music playing while everyone had yummy food to eat (especially the delectable cupcakes from Baby Cakes)! There was dancing and mingling and just a swingin' good time, even Lisa-the Community Art Center lady-was dancing.
I was able to reflect, as I looked in the faces of those who were there, different moments or memories of my life (long ago or recent) that have made me who I am. I really missed those who couldn't make it, but as I think about it now, I'm not sure my emotions could've stayed in check if any more people would've come. I really felt so much love and support and I'm so lucky to have so many family, friends and neighbors who are great examples to me, and are so supportive.
I have the coolest parents who totally helped me pull off my big celebration, and who constantly amaze me with their generosity, love and support. They deserve most of the credit for raising me to be a good girl, and letting me choose whatever path I wanted to take in life!
Big thanks to all for making this Birthday one I'll never forget, I'll post more pics of the roaring night soon!


Donavan Family said...

Happy birthday to my first ever BFF!
So sorry I missed the celebration, but you know every Sept 26 I think of you and I too reflect on some of my greatest memories that were spent with you.
Remember how we each had to have presents on each of our birthdays? Maybe I should continue that tradition and go by myself something nice today!
Happy 30th ya old hag!

Keddington Chronicles said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!!!! I'm so glad you had a Fantastic Day!!!!

Stuart and Sarah said...

You party was AWESOME. Thanks for having an excuse to celebrate...even if that meant you turning 30 ;-)

S Palfreyman said...

I was totally sad I couldn't come!! YOU always make the party so I am sure this was Fab! Maybe later in life you should be a party planner. The invite was awesome. I am glad you had such a great day!!
P.S. Love the new signature at the end of the'll have to pass along how you did it.
Love you!