4th of July!

Every 4th of July our neighborhood does a BBQ at the end of our street, and of course, this year was no exception. A few neighbors wheeled out their grills and we cooked up some yummy BBQ, while loading our plates with side dishes and desserts! It was a nice time to just be with friends, and neighbors. Since this year the aerial fireworks were permitted (crazy), we had a pretty great firework show right above our heads!

Even though it's stinkin' hot outside and we've actually had a bit of humidity, I still love the summer! I love parades, sticky popsicles, night time walks with the kids and dogs, luaus, pool parties, summer rainstorms, fireworks, BBQed hamburgers . . . and just basking in the sun (with sunscreen on of course)!
It's the time of year that takes forever to arrive, and yet it flies by so fast, if you don't take a moment to enjoy it, you might miss it! So stop reading this and go outside and jump on your trampoline with the sprinklers on-if you don't have a tramp, well then just run in the sprinklers!!!

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