July 2, 2011

My friend Mandy's daughter Sydney was baptized on July 2, and Natalie and I drove up to Logan to say hello and celebrate Sydney's special day.

Mandy and I have known each other our whole lives, and Natalie and Sydney only really met each other in May, but you'd think they've known each other for their whole lives too with the way they've became little buddies.
I wish we lived a tiny bit closer so we could see each other more often, but Natalie and Sydney email each other and are planning a "hang out" day before they have to go back to school!
It's crazy that it's been well over 20 years since Mandy and I were Sydney and Natalie's age, causing mischief and mayhem almost everywhere we went! Where does that time go?

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Donavan Family said...

Now you just need to post a picture of us together when we were that age and that would really be somethin'!
Thanks for coming, it meant a lot to have you there.
Love ya!