April 2, 2009
A very special woman and an inspiration in my life, Janin Jackman, passed away unexpectedly Tuesday. For those of you who may have known her, the shock of losing such and amazing woman is beyond belief. She was a "mom" to everyone who knew her and treated everyone kindly. She was an example as to how I wanted to grow up, and the kind of woman I wanted to be.
I will always remember her laugh, which she never seemed to be without.
We had an inside joke which started when I was 17 and quickly became my trademark, and she never saw me without calling me "Princess".
Janin's family, especially her daughter-in-law Sarah, are very dear to me and my thoughts and prayers are with them as they face this very difficult time.
All of us who knew Janin were inspired by her, and she will surely be missed.

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Rachelle said...

That's too sad! I hope Aaron and Sarah are okay!