April 13, 2009

We had a lot of fun celebrating Easter this year. Last Thursday night we went down to Josh and Kenzie's house (my bro-n-law and his wife) with my mother-in-law Jann. Josh made us dinner and we visited, then we dyed Easter eggs.

On Saturday we had a Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt, and I am constantly reminded that we live in an area with lots of young families. There were SO many kids there. Five houses in the neighborhood hid Easter eggs around their yards and the kids were sepparated by age groups and got to hunt in their designated yard. Then we had sweet rolls, muffins, cupcakes and juice for breakfast.

On Sunday I taught the Easter lesson in Young Women's-complete with quotes from Elder Holland's talk he gave in General Conference (It was perfect for my lesson). Then after church we went to my parent's house and Natalie dyed eggs again! We had a yummy turkey dinner with my parents, my brother and his girlfriend Sam. Then the kids went on another egg hunt. And now we have enough candy to last until Halloween.
To make our Easter complete we had a visit from one of Brandon's long-time friends (she's of course my friend too) Amanda, who came in town from New York for Easter! She and her sister Andrea stopped by and visited with us for a bit.

All in all I'd say that Easter this year was really fun. Samuel is old enough to run around and search for eggs (kind of) and Natalie is not quite old enough to deny helping him, so it worked out well!

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Katie said...

Yea! We had a good Easter to. That neighbor hood thing was fun. The Hansens are so cool to put that together. Your daughter is beautiful.